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Tips For Enjoying Scuba Diving In Algarve

When we talk about the Algarve’s long coastline, we think of scuba diving because it is just perfect for the activity. There is an amazing and calm sea, allowing divers all round the year to ensure that their activity will not be interrupted unnecessarily. Along with it, underwater attractions, stunning cliffs, breathtaking underground caved, soothing beaches, and fantastic weather only make it better for scuba divers. When we talk about underwater attractions, we need to look at the rich marine biodiversity and the sunk ships that allow divers to stay excited and think of a lot more than just enjoying the activity. 

If you’re planning to visit Algarve, summertime is best for scuba divers because the temperatures are high and so the sea is really warm. However, it is the busiest time of the year because a lot of tourists visit the place to enjoy the activity. So, you’ll end up paying a significantly higher price for scuba diving course, boat drive, and gear during the peak time in July and August. During winters, it will be easier for you to carry the gear around, but the sea will make it difficult for you to enjoy your session because of the big waves making it hard for the boats to get around. It will also make it difficult for divers to see the beautiful spectacle in the deep waters of Algarve. Spring and autumn are good for scuba diving because you get the summer benefits but not as hot as it is in summer. You can get a good deal on the activity and related items in these seasons, and you’ll love it if you do not want too many tourists around while you are enjoying the activity. 

For first-time scuba divers, it is necessary to take a scuba diving course because without it you might risk your life. The activity isn’t difficult, but people need to know what is to be done and how to make the most of the activity. So, if you’ve never tried it before, make sure you take a scuba diving course. This will also help you in staying away from major injuries. When choosing an instructor, make sure that you look for a certified instructor who can give you proper instructions and make sure that you are safe till the very end of the activity. 

While looking for the best places for scuba diving, you can Ocean revival park because this underwater park is one of the unique diving destinations in the world. It has a lot to explore and even learn about marine life in brief. Apart from this, you can check out Sagres, as it has long marveled visitors exploring the dreamy beaches with white sand and moving around in clear transparent waters. To add to the pleasurable experience, you can enjoy the underwater islands of limestone. Lagos is equally famous but has a completely different setup. Lagos is famous for the ravishing beaches of rocky formations and steep cliffs, creating underground caves worth exploring. You’ll see lobsters, anemones, octopuses, shrimps, and gorgonians here. 

You can even visit Albufeira because it is the ideal place for scuba diving and has a tradition of scuba diving schools for many years. Faro’s islands even have a lot to offer as it creates a set of conditions that allow the prosperity of marine life. Here, water can sometimes get a bit muddy as the Atlantic Ocean, and the natural reserve of Ria Formosa meet each other here. However, the visibility conditions are ideal for the activity. 

Concluding, we’d like to say that Algarve is the best place to enjoy scuba diving and if you’re planning to visit the place, get on your dive watches ready and make sure that you enjoy every bit of the activity to the fullest.

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