fbpx 3 Continents, 10 Days and a Limited Budget. How to Deal with It?
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3 Continents, 10 Days and a Limited Budget. How to Deal with It?

3 Continents, 10 Days and a Limited Budget. How to Deal with It?

by Louise Campos

If you scroll through your friends’ Instagram feeds, you might notice that some of them travel a lot. And we’re not speaking about Instagram influencers, we’re speaking of people with full-time jobs and lives that resemble ours. Hopping from Europe to Africa might seem a little more demanding than a 10-weeks’ vacation and a limited budget. But some pull off this stunt quite successfully. Below are some of the ways in which you might also succeed in this type of journey.

Plan your itinerary in advance

Before jumping on a plane, you obviously need to establish an itinerary. You will see many variations of this step, but a highly achievable solution would be one that follows the pattern: start from your own continent and pick two others with easy-to-get visa destinations with not so much paperwork involved. For instance, if you’re travelling from Europe, pick a country like Portugal as your first stop and work your way around it. Portugal is an amazing destination for people of all ages and even for solo travelers. You don’t even need that much money to tackle this destination, being already friendly on the pocket.

Then, you could have a taste of the South-American continent for the next three days, followed by some stunning views and landscapes in the wild and breath-taking North-American Continent. This is a triangle of destination that can be easily tackled, once the itinerary is clearly established.

Gather all the paperwork in advance

Once you know exactly where all your landings will be, you can start gathering all your visas and necessary paperwork. For instance, if Canada is one of those countries for which you can easily get a visa. Ask for Electronic Travel Authorization since this is one of the easiest ways in which you can visit the country for travel and business purposes. Besides, this will also be a far more affordable document to get than a regular visa.

Do the same for the other countries that you have on your itinerary and only afterwards purchase your plane tickets.  

Establish a budget and stick to it

Travelling multiple continents during a short timeframe will put a strain on your budget if not properly tackled. Make sure that all your purchases, including accommodation, comfortably fits within your budget. You will need an emergency fund as well, so keep this in mind when planning your budget. When visiting different locations in each continent, search for affordable meals in establishments where locals eat, try to follow their lifestyle. Locals are the best at eating well on a budget and you should do the same when you have to stick to a strict budget.

Travel on your own or with someone on a similar budget

Sticking to a strict budget becomes noticeably easier if you travel either alone or with a friend on a similar budget. Overindulging becomes incredibly tempting when you travel with peers with more consistent budgets than yours, so you want to avoid this at all costs.

3 Continents, 10 Days and a Limited Budget. How to Deal with It?
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3 Continents, 10 Days and a Limited Budget. How to Deal with It?
Traveling abroad on a budget? See how you can visit your favorite countries without breaking the bank!
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