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Portuguese Culture: Food, Fado, and Festivals

From food to festivals, Portuguese culture is full of many intertwined elements that create an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Art, religion, literature, and even soccer are all important aspects of life for the people of Portugal. Food: Portugal has a rich food culture. Across the country, you can find a wide variety of local cuisines. […]

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The Home of Port Wine

The Home of Port Wine Only after the British discovered port wine at the end of the 17th century did the fame of its fine quality start spreading all over the world. The Douro Valley region produces the grapes that give rise to the only authentic “Porto”. In the middle 1750s, the Portuguese authorities started […]

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Tourism in Portugal: A Vacation for Everyone

From the warm sunny beaches of the Algarve to the sophisticated riverside wine tastings of Porto, Portugal tourism has something for everybody. Portugal is a popular destination because of its safe cities and inexpensive cost of goods. With the exception of a few isolated areas, crime rates in Portugal are exceptionally low. Activities in Portugal […]

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5 Can’t-Miss Foods to Eat in Portugal

The world is waking up to Portugal’s farm-to-table tradition and rich culinary history. Although there are many types of dishes worth trying, we’ve compiled a list of five can’t-miss foods for any trip. 1. Black Pork The Portuguese love their pork, and no pork is more highly regarded than porco preto. Black pork gets its name […]

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The Alentejo – Bread, Wine & Cork

Portugal’s spectacular Alentejo is home to beautiful farmland, medieval castles, and remnants of Roman and Arab architecture. Located north of the Algarve, the climate is mainly warm and dry. In fact, the region is one of the warmest in Portugal, making it an ideal climate for Portugal’s breadbasket. The Alentejo covers approximately one-third of the […]

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