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10 Reasons Why You Should Drop-in on Algarve When Visiting Portugal

The Algarve Allure Imagine a place where the sun spills its golden warmth over landscapes painted in hues of azure and emerald. Where the melody of the ocean’s whispers dances with the fragrance of orange blossoms, creating a symphony for the senses. This is the Algarve, a treasure trove nestled on Portugal’s southern coast, where […]

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The Portuguese Toll Road System – How to Handle Portugal’s Toll Roads

A guide to help you navigate the toll roads in Portugal Driving on Portuguese toll roads can be a convenient way to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the toll roads in Portugal: Types of Toll Roads: In Portugal, there are three main types of toll roads: […]

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5 Can’t-Miss Foods to Eat in Portugal

The world is waking up to Portugal’s farm-to-table tradition and rich culinary history. Although there are many types of dishes worth trying, we’ve compiled a list of five can’t-miss foods for any trip. 1. Black Pork The Portuguese love their pork, and no pork is more highly regarded than porco preto. Black pork gets its name […]

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Wanting to move to Portugal is not a fad

Portugal, a land of enchantment nestled on the western edge of Europe, beckons with its irresistible allure. Steeped in history, blessed with natural beauty, and adorned with a vibrant culture, Portugal offers an enticing invitation to those seeking a new place to call home. Here are just a few of the countless reasons why one […]

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Portugal Carnation Revolution

The Portuguese 25 April Revolution, also known as the Carnation Revolution, was a political event that occurred in Portugal in 1974. It was a peaceful revolution that brought an end to the authoritarian Estado Novo regime, which had been in power in Portugal since 1933. The revolution was sparked by a variety of factors, including […]

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