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Ten Free Things You Can Do In Portugal

Ten Free Things You Can Do In Portugal

by Lucy Benton

From stunning architecture of cathedrals, castles and boulevards to exquisite restaurants, from the thieves market to top tier hotel service, from beautiful parks and stone paved roads for a walk to modern ports with bars and even hundreds of years old recurring festivals, Portugal is truly a country that has everything to offer for anyone who’s seeking a good vacation travel destination! But many places are packed with attractions as well, so what makes Portugal so special? Here are top 10 free things that you can do in Portugal wholesomely worthwhile the time to check them out!

1. Explore the stunning ruins of Convento do Carmo high above the city

Even though there’s quite a climb to be done to reach the top of these beautiful convent ruins, your efforts won’t be misplaced as you’re going to get an exquisite view over Chiado and the Old Town in Lisbon.

2. Watch the sunset on top of a multi storey car park

The so-called park in Bairro Alto is a terraformed parking lot, now with a gushing green flora, transforming it into an elevated terrace from which you can have a 180 degree view of Lisbon. If you come outside  the opening hours of the bar you can even bring your own beer.

3. Visit the Resistance Museum

The price which able-bodied men and women  paid in the past with their lives for today’s freedom in Portugal, surprisingly the entrance to the Museu do Aljube-Resistência e Liberdade is totally free! One would say, that’s the kind of freedom people in the past fought for.

4. Cemeterio Dos Prazeres

The Prazeres Cemetery is without a doubt one of the most notable of its kind in whole Portugal and definitely the largest in Lisbon. Built in the early 19th century after an outbreak of cholera, it serves as a resting ground for mostly rich individuals, but also for people who left deep cultural impact upon Portugal’s history such as artists, writers and politicians.

5. Listening to Fado

Fado to Portugal is what country music is to Virginia in the USA. “For people who enjoy street should not miss the chance to check out any street performer performing Fado who only demand your attention when performing as tips are optional.” – says passionate traveler Jane N. Herbert. Just open up a beer or light a cigarette with a cup of coffee, sit on a bench nearby and enjoy the beautiful traditional Portuguese music, performed on beautiful rudimentary instruments, just like the old days.

6. Thieves Market

The Feira da Ladra is a 100 years old market, most notably known as the Thieves market where people sell everything and anything, usually with no governing and with no selling stands even, as products are placed upon simple rigid rugs. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, it’s a nice view of the commoners life and the scenery is without a doubt beautiful.

7. Palaicio Foz

The Palacio Foz is a noble building from the 18th century, centered around musical culture and musical happenings. In the past it was a noble’s concert hall, having concerts two or three times a month. It’s still in use today and the music presented ranges from classical to free jazz, so it’s definitely worthwhile taking a look at.

8. Lisbon’s newest park

If you want to take a break from the immense amount of architectural beauty or the urban areas Portugal has to offer, Lisbon’s newest park called Jardim da Cerca da Graca, located right between Graca and Mouraria, two historical neighborhoods, the Jardim da Cerca da Graca is the perfect place to have a picnic or simply enjoy nature.

9. MEO Jazz Festival

If you’re into some funky tunes, regardless of if jazz is the exact thing you seek or just some good sounding music to jam to, the MEO Jazz Festival, running from 2nd May-27th is the perfect place to meet new people, young and old who may be musical connoisseurs just like you!

10. Enjoy a free walking tour

Last, but not least, we have Lisbon’s free walking tour, perfect for people who want to stay in shape while on vacation or simply want to discover the true depth of the town. Starting at 10am at Praca do Comercio and providing tour guides in Spanish and English, it’s the perfect activity for anyone who wants to mingle within the urban parts of Lisbon.

Wrapping Out

And there you have it folks, a list of top 10 things you can do in Portugal for free. Portugal is truly a great country for people who appreciate history, architecture, cuisine, some urbanization, a tad of art and a full pocket! If you’ve been thinking about a travel destination but your budget was holding you back, just breathe in, take in the spirit of adventure and book the next flight to Portugal!

Regardless of what you’re after, you’re bound to find it and never to regret it.



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