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Portugal Cities & Towns

Portugal has a rich history, starting officially in the 12th century but in reality, being much older. With so much time to grow and develop, each city and town in Portugal has a unique culture and story. To learn more about each one, click through our list on the left.

History & Culture

A lot of Portugal’s early culture can be seen from its Moorish influence. This is especially apparent in the Algarve’s fishing towns of Tavira, Faro, Olhão, and Lagos. In fact, the town of Silves has a well-preserved Moorish castle that is a must-visit landmark.

Northern Portugal has remained closer to the pioneering cultures of the Iberian peninsula, especially with its cultural roots intertwined with neighboring Northern Spain. 

Central Portugal proudly claims to be the epicenter of Lusitania and the Lusitanos, a trademark of the Portuguese culture. After all, it was the great Viriato that fought the Romans to keep the identity that later was claimed to be Portugal.  It has some of the most interesting landmarks to visit, from Aveiro, Viseu, and Coimbra to the Estrela mountain range, Obidos, Marvao, Batalha, Alcobaca and the Catholic pilgrimage town of Fatima. Quaint towns such as Nazare, Peniche, Cascais, and Sesimbra line up the coastline.


Rather than list a million things you need to see in Portugal, we’ll share our best reasons to visit:

With 25+ cities and towns, you’ll never be able to see everything Portugal has to offer in a single visit. Most tourists enjoy visiting Portugal’s capital of Lisbon (the oldest city in Western Europe that was also the center of espionage in WWII ) as well as the famous city of Porto, which is well known for its port wine. However, few people realize what Portugal’s other towns offer; from Guimaraes being the birthplace of the Kingdom of Portugal, to Braga being the religious capital of the country, there is plenty to see in this country that will amaze you.

Visit Portugal

After you’ve taken some time discovering each city and town in Portugal, browse through our tour packages to begin your visit to Portugal!

Map of Portugal Cities and Towns