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About Us

About PortugalOnline.com

Portugalonline.com was registered in 1996 with the objective of providing customers with an unique and focused online experience when looking for products and services related to traveling to Portugal and Spain. Portugalonline.com works continuously to improve the content and capabilities of this site, and the products and services offered. 

Portugalonline.com site development is managed by a team of associates with deep knowledge of the country and the Iberian Peninsula. The goal of Portugalonline.com is to provide its customers and clients with the best possible options for finding ways to visit one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

About our Online Travel Agency

Portugalonline.com Travel Services are managed by Portugal Online Corp (dba Portugalonline.com and Azores.com), an online travel agency with several decades of experience in providing satisfied customers with the best travel options and solutions to Portugal, Azores, Madeira and Spain.

Portugal Online has offices in North America and Portugal and an unparalleled team of travel partners and associates making sure all details of your travel arrangements are met and your desired services are achieved.

Portugalonline.com website and its knowledgeable team provide you the tools and support you need to take make the most of your travel arrangements. From hotels, pousadas, manor houses and villas, to tours, packages and rental cars, we are here to make sure you get the best possible value for your holiday.

Our Clients

While a great percentage of our clients come from North America, Europe and Oceania, our global reach allows us to book holidays to Portugal for clients from as far away as South Africa, Israel, China, Japan and India.

Through the years, Portugalonline.com, together with its partners and suppliers, have provided thousands of people around the world advice, information, and travel services. Our devotion to our site visitors and to our travel customers has made for thousands of very satisfied customers .

Why Book with PortugalOnline.com

We are all about our customers

The testimonials, referrals and return business that we receive year-over-year are our greatest assets. For us it is important that our customers feel as comfortable in Portugal and Spain as they do in their own country. We go out of our way to delight our customers.

We are all about the destination

Most travel agencies and companies sell every destination. Because we specialize in Portugal only (including the Azores and Madeira) we are able to provide in depth knowledge of this marvelous corner of Europe. We can extend your Portugal visit to include Spain as well.

We are all about our Partners

If our partners aren’t the best, our customers won’t be delighted. We work with the best operators and service providers in and to the Iberian Peninsula. All of them have decades of experience in providing the best services in the industry. We make sure to work exclusively with the most conscientious and detail oriented travel services providers. 

We’re all about having fun while being ethical and honest

Our company rests upon these three pillars: We have fun at what we do, we are ethical with what we do and we’re honest in every aspect of our operation.

We are all about giving

Portugal Online Corp (PortugalOnline.com & Azores.com) is aware that to receive well you should give well.  We make a point of donating our time and our money to just causes and charities.

No extra and hidden fees, no mark-ups

Our goal is to give you the best possible value. We do not add fees or extra charges to our supplier’s published rates. In certain cases we are the tour operator which allows to have even better rates. Most importantly our rates are the rates you get by booking directly with the source, whether a Pousada, a hotel, a tour or an overnight escorted tour.

Portugal Online Corporation is registered with IATA/IATAN and CST under the following numbers:

IATAN: 443969                                                                                                                                                                           

IATA: 05-707321

CST 2114755-40