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Fairs and Events

Several fairs are happening in March

Aveiro – March Fair

Guarda – Jazz event

Rio Maior – Feira das tasquinhas (Tavern fair)

Monchique – feira dos Enchidos Tradicionais – Traditional food (featuring sausages) fair

Sao Marcos da Serra – Feira do Folar (Easter – Gift fair)

Funchal – Madeira


Madeira Island Open

Vila Franca de Xira 

Shad Festival – Weekends

Vila Franca’s culinary specialty, the shad is usually is normally fried and served in açorda, an egg and bread traditional soup.


Spring Festival – Belem

A great number of shows, concerts, and exhibitions take place at the Belem Cultural Center to celebrate the beginning of spring and the center’s anniversary.

Porto (Oporto)

Porto Celtic Festival 

This festival’s program includes performances by several Celtic Groups from different countries.


Lamprey Festival 

Various lamprey eel dishes are served in participating restaurants. Sweets, such an egg-based dessert in the shape of a lamprey, can also be tasted in some of the city’s pastry shops.