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The Travel & Leisure Destination of the Year!

view from algarve

Algarve, Portugal

The good news? Travel & Leisure declared Portugal the winner of its prestigious “Destination of the Year” award for 2016!

Of course, we at Portugal.com could not agree more: The magazine’s editors say Portugal’s vibrant culture, affordability, stellar cuisine and year-round warm weather attract more tourists every year. And the increase in nonstop flights from the U.S. combined with an eye-popping array of new one-of-a-kind hotels means Portugal absolutely deserves your vacation business.

Fegrragudo, Algarve | Portugal

The bad news? Our secret is out!  Booking popular hotels, towns and tours in Portugal will be more challenging than ever. If you’re considering a holiday in Portugal, it is critical to book as far in advance as possible.   

Don’t fret! We can help. Portugal.com specializes exclusively in tours that visit both popular and undiscovered gems across the country. Here are some of Travel & Leisure’s recommended stops and a Portugal.com package that will take you there:

Discover the Possibilities!  The magical attraction of Portugal is not news to Portugalonline.com. We have been matching travelers with the right Portugal tours for years. Contact us today at travel(at)portugalonline.com to take advantage of our in-depth, in-country expertise!

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