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Best Surfing Spots in Portugal

Best Surfing Spots in Portugal

by Dan

Your definitive guide for finding the best waves on the coast of Portugal!

It’s not every day that a surfer gets to travel the world, and it’s not every day that you’ll get to experience the awesomeness that the waves of Portugal have to offer.

So if you’re that one lucky guy or girl who just booked their trip to Portugal, and you’re in need of a little info as to where the best surfing spots are, you’re in luck!

This post has been put together in order to help you find the best surfing spots along Portugal’s coast, and we’re hoping that it will act as a handy guide to help you plan one kickass travel-and-surfing itinerary. All that’s left to do after reading this post is to grab your gear and head off to one unforgettable experience!

Why Surfing in Portugal is Amazeballs

It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that Portugal became a rising star in the lineup of Europe’s best surfing destinations. The country has just about everything a surfer could ever want and need. They have the epic waves. They have the overly-impressive scenery. The have the sun. They have the fun. They have the lesser-crowded beaches. And they also have an endless supply of custard tarts and plenty of fun! Here are some of Portugal’s best surfing spots you can look forward to experiencing for yourself.

Surfing Spots in Portugal You HAVE to Try

1. Coxos

Coxox lies north of Ericeira, and it’s a spot that’s best known for its right-hand barrel which breaks over the flat rocks on shore. Surf here is at its best during low tide, and because the surf is relatively easy to access, it’s a great spot for beginners to hit the waves. Just make sure you’re cool with walking all the way in (it’s a long stretch) and you’re keeping an eye out for jagged rocks and sea urchins. You can also head over to Ericeira itself, which has recently been voted as a World Surf Reserve, which means it’s one of the world’s best surfing spots.

2. Carcavelos

Carcavelos is a spot that the locals often refer to as the spot where surfing was born in Portugal and it lies just 20 minutes out of Lisbon’s city center. Since the beach trails over a stretch of 1.5 kilometers, it offers quite a few different waters, ensuring that beginners and advanced surfers will get their fill. The waves here hold their size pretty well, and offer a fast beach break. If you’re heading here during the summer months though, make sure you’re okay with crowds, since this is a very popular beach for the sunbathers of Lisbon.

3. Sagres

Sagres is a great surfing spot on the coast of Portugal because it offer year round surfing opportunities. Sagres might well me the lifeline of the Algarve surfing scene, but it’s not just a surfing spot. Aside from riding the waves, you can mingle with the amazing variety of sea life in these waters if you’re keen on taking a lesson or two from the Divers Cape scuba company.

4. North Canyon

Nazaré is one of the most tranquil fishing villages on Portugal’s coastline, but it has also become one of the country’s most famous surfing spots, and it has a LOT to do with the mind-blowing waves on offer here. This is where Garret McNamara, a surfer from Hawaii, surfed the biggest wave in history, putting North Canyon squarely on the surfing map with a Guiness Book of World Records title in 2011.

5. Supertubos (Peniche)

Before North Canyon was a thing in Portugal, Supertubos was Portugal’s best surfing spot ever. It offers an unprotected beach break and can push waves of up to 20 feet. The spot forms part of the Peniche Peninsula, creating a wave system that flows in almost every direction, in other words, ensuring that the surf is almost perfect, every day of the year. If you’re here during October, you’ll get the opportunity of watching the Rip Curl Pro going down, if you are there for that though, don’t forget to bring a solid wind breaker as it can get windy!

6. Paúl do Mar

Madeira’s Paúl do Mar – or as the locals call it, Ribeira das Galinhas – offers peace and quiet, but it also offers some of the largest waves around, and it’s no wonder since it was one of the main venues for the World Surfing Championship back in 2001. The waves here are great, but make sure that you know your way around the board. If you’re still new at surfing, its best to stick to the foam waves and keep yourself entertained with the small selection of cafes and restaurants on the island.

Final Thoughts

We reckon that the 6 surfing spots along Portugal’s coast we just discussed are well worth experiencing. We probably missed dozens of perfectly fine surfing spots along the coastline, but if you make these 6 destinations part of your itinerary, you should be able to seek out some secluded and super special spots of your own. We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that it has inspired you to go seek the adventure waiting on the wilder waters of Portugal!