fbpx Stepping Out in the Algarve - A Walkers Paradise
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Stepping Out in the Algarve – A Walkers Paradise

Stepping Out in the Algarve – A Walkers Paradise

by Leroy Perez

One of the world’s most beautiful provinces is Algarve. Located at the South of Portugal, its coastline extends over 200 km. The Algarve is well-known to be blessed with some of Europe’s most tidiest and picturesque sandy beaches.

The Algarve is a genuinely fascinating region, and it’s not only famous for its beaches. There are a lot to do in Algarve – its Atlantic coastline is perfect for water sports, and the province’s 30 plus golf courses are a golfer’s heaven.  The Algarve’s numerous cultural and historical sites are inviting for walkers and sightseeing, and its many trails and tracks are perfect for hiking and quad bikers.Algarve Lake

The Algarve is a known to be a walker’s paradise. Its climate makes it perfection destination for walkers for most of the year or nine months to be exact. The countryside is graced with bright colored flowers during the springtime. In summer, the place teems with butterflies and exotic birds and animals, while in autumn, the time arrives for the reckoning of a second spring.  A variety of walkways and passages are littered all over the Algarve, from the coastal footpaths to rugged mountains or peachy valleys to outlandish traditional towns. Monchique and its surrounding regions, which are one of the most alluring areas of the Algarve, are delightful to explore as most of the surrounding landscape has been untouched by development.

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The Algarve is also abundant with wildlife and most tourists are oblivious to it. From eagles to flamingos, from wild orchids to age-old olive trees, from wild boars to geckos, the whole place is teeming with exotic flora and fauna and changes with the arrival of a new season. The pine, olive, eucalyptus, almond and other trees, as well as the orange and lemon orchards, adorn the place with pleasant smells and colors.

To find the best walking routes in the area take help from walking guides, maps or guide books or even better get yourself choose the best handheld GPS devices from manufacturers like  Garmin. You can also ask walking guides who can arrange walking tours with other explorers. You can also visit rural restaurants and shops and buy local products and souvenirs and help out the local economy.

Walking the best and healthy way to explore the real beauty of Algarve and environmentally friendly too. If you’re looking for the quiet and peaceful vacation and away from the crowds, then the Algarve is your perfect holiday destination!