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MyFriendsRoom is Bringing a Brand New Concept to Porto — City Discoveries!

MyFriendsRoom is Bringing a Brand New Concept to Porto — City Discoveries!

by Clare Mellor

We love Porto with it’s romantic steep cobbled streets lined with curiosity shops, bars and cafes, an enchanting Portuguese city where the aroma of Port wine mixes with seagulls and the sea.

Drawn Portrait

Porto portrait

‘Discoveries’ is a fresh new concept which we plan to bring to cities in Europe, beginning with beautiful Porto. Porto has the perfect ‘up and coming vibe’ right now, with so many wonderful things to experience from wine and craft beer to beautiful architecture and local arts. We want to show you something different, so we have formed partnerships with local experts, artists & entertainers who will show you those places which you wouldn’t normally be able to find and entertain you along the way!

We have some exciting discoveries to share with you and more to come, from Craft beer tasting, river walks and tapas tours to sketching around the city and Portraits in front of the river with Port wine!

Here are just a few of the discoveries we offer:

Craft Beer Tasting and Bar Hop
Porto isn’t only famous for Port, right now a new type of drink is brewing, there is a thirst for craft beer in Porto. We will take you on a ‘bar hop’ to our favorite bars for craft beer in Porto and have some sample beer tastings too. You will have the chance to drink the beers you like!


Craft Beer Tasting Hen Party

Craft beer tasting Discovery


Porto Craft Beer

Porto craft beer flight

“An exciting tour through three different craft beer locations in the heart of Porto. If you love craft beer, want to get in touch with locals and you like to enjoy a tour in a small group off the typical tourist hot spots with a local tour guide, Craft beer tasting and bar hop is a ‘must do’ in Porto.”

~Frank, May 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Learn to Sketch Your Way Around Porto!

This a great way to go on a tour of Porto and also do something creative at the same time. Guests draw their way around the historic center of Porto with a local artist. He shows guests how to draw some of the famous landmarks of such as Clerigos Tower and Ponte de Dom Luis bridge.


Artist Drawing Porto

Artist drawing Porto

“Who would have known we could actually draw! That takes a skilled teacher, and was a lot of fun! This is a great way to see some of Porto and learn a bit about sketching.” 

~Lesli May 2018, Adelaide, Australia

Discover Local Food in Porto in Small Delicious Bites!

Join us for our delicious Porto tapas tour. We’ll taste small bites of Portuguese food around Porto and capture the new food buzz in town!


Tapas and Wine

Tapas & Wine

We have a passion for Porto, it’s food, drink and ambience and we want to show travelers the Porto we love. We want to help them discover those wonderful places they wouldn’t otherwise find.

We have chosen to begin our ‘Discoveries’ journey in Porto, but plan to focus on other cities in Europe in the future.


Visit our website for further information: https://www.myfriendsroom.com/discoveries