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Why You Should Go River Cruising in Portugal

river cruise in portugal

There are many ways to sight see while vacationing in Portugal. Keep reading for why you should go river cruising in Portugal.

Europe is a must-do destination for any traveler, this we all know. However, within Europe, Portugal is in a league of its own. 

Portugal’s streets are filled with history and culture, during any time of year you can attend festivals of food, wine, and music. Portugal has the most beautiful coastlines of white beaches, clear oceans, and beautiful traditions. 

Not only is the culture rich, but the Portuguese are known for their hospitality. There are 12.7 million tourists who visit Portugal, every year. 

There are many ways to sightsee while vacationing in Portugal. Keep reading for why you should go river cruising in Portugal.

Portugal’s River of Gold 

The Douro River flows from Northern Spain to Porto, a city rich in history and culter in the Northern area of Portugal. The Douro Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, boasting the creation and production of Portugal’s famous port. 

The area is rich in culture, history and other famous characteristics. The city boasts 6 bridges that span the River of Gold, two of which were built by Gustave Eiffel, of Eiffel Tower fame. 

The cuisine alone should have you excited about visiting Portugal, rich in traditional cuisine with options for more modern tastebuds. You can’t go wrong. 

Reasons for River Cruising

A cruise is often famed for being massive white ships, docked along the horizon, far off the coast in a fancy, tropical island environment. You couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to River Cruises. 

Opting for a river cruise has the following benefits:

Small Ships

On the rivers of Portugal, smaller is better, it allows for a more intimate experience. You’re able to meet fellow passengers more easily, get to know the crew and you don’t have to worry about queueing for onboard or docking activities. 

All Inclusive

Unlike large ocean liners where you have to pay extra for almost everything. A river cruise more often than not includes everything in their rate. This often means offshore excursions are also included, so you never feel left out due to not having extra money to splurge. 

More Bang for your Buck 

Contrary to ocean liners, a river cruise boasts many more riverside stops. You won’t be spending days and days afloat on the vessel. There will be more port stops, more activities and more opportunity to explore Portugal. 

Frank Sinatra said it

You can still do it, “Your way!”

With river cruising, you still have the opportunity to book further excursions, day outings, and more activities without worrying about getting lost amidst thousands of other tourists aboard. 

Spoilt for Choice

River cruising holds so many destinations to choose from. From just about any country in Europe, including the breathtakingly beautiful Portugal or even a Celebrity Mexico cruise vacation. You are so spoilt for choice, you could never run out of new destinations. 

River Cruising Rocks 

The best thing about river cruising is they’re all so different, you could do ten and still not be satisfied that you’ve seen enough.

From so many countryside views to unique cuisines and cultures, the river cruising bug will never leave you if it’s bitten. 

Happy travels!

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