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Meet the Team

Who would we be without our great team! Here are some of the folks that work hard to bring the best of Portugal travel to you…

Personalized travel

by real people

Eunice is our travel guru and overall rock star! If you are lucky enough to book a package, most likely Eunice is there lending a helping hand.


Travel Guru

First there was the invention of the wheel. Then people wanted to travel (and Antonio was there). OK, we may be exaggerating, but Antonio has been in travel for a long time and knows a thing or two about Portugal.



If Antonio has been working in travel since the wheel, JT has been working in technology and strategy since man discovered fire. JT has a lot of great ideas cooking up in the lab. If you want to take a sneak peek – drop him a line.


Chief Strategic Rooster

What’s the point of having a business if no-one knows about it? That’s where Emanuel comes in; whether it’s advertising, social media support, or developing partnerships — he does it all.


Marketing Manager

Writing compelling blog posts is not easy difficult a skill that Clare has honed over years of writing. Despite years of traveling across six continents, Clare can’t cure her wanderlust. Clare also writes for a variety of business and lifestyle publications.


Featured Blogger has been around for a while and some of our pages are getting a little old. That’s why we have superhero Kelly to create new and fresh content for our readers.



You can’t visit Portugal without seeing decorative roosters everywhere, and we can’t work without seeing Joe. He is our official mascot and all around good guy. Joe is a descendant of Rooster of Barcelos and the Portuguese everyman Zé Povinho

Joe Portugal

Brand Rooster

There are a lot of other great people who help spread the word and contribute to Are you interested in joining? Find out more