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Portugal and its Wines

Portugal is home to many world-famous wines. From the popular vinho verde, to the world-famous port wines, our country is one of the greatest wine producers in the world. Learn more about Portugal’s wine below and order some online to try yourself. Bem-vindo!

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Portugal Wine Regions

Portugal has many diverse wine regions that each bring something fresh to the table. A mild climate and rich soil packed with nutrients from its rivers and coastline help Portugal produce some of the best wines in the world.

Some of Portugal’s more notable regions are:


Portugal’s Wines

Joe Portugal tasting a glass of Portuguese wine

As a country, Portugal is typically known for its large coast, rich culture, and incredible food (it’s no wonder why people are always looking to travel to Portugal). With the warm climate and old history, our country has also been a pioneer for exceptional wine.

Portuguese wine and vineyards play an integral part in Portugal’s history. Portugal was the first country to create a national appellation law system, known as Regiões Demarcadas. These laws create strict quality standards for vineyards to grow their grapes and are still used today.


Vinho Verde or Vinho Maduro?

Portugal’s wine was originally classified into two types: Vinho Verde and Vinho Maduro (all wines that are not vinho verde). Nowadays, this classification is rarely seen. Instead, Portuguese wine producers now use Vinho Verde (green/unripe wine), Vinho Branco (white wine), and Vinho Tinto (red wine).


Port Wine

The famous Port Wine, named after the capital city of northern Portugal (Porto), is one of the most recognizable dessert wines in the world.

Port wine production is strictly controlled with every single vineyard being certified on a points scale by the “Casa do Douro” association. The making of port wine is a refined process. Fermented grapes are blended with brandy stopping fermentation and providing its unique taste and texture. Next, the wine is fortified with brandy, a practice first used by wine shippers to stabilize the wine for long haul shipments. Finally, the port wine is blended until it’s perfect flavor is achieved.

The most popular types of Port wine are Ruby’s, Tawny, Vintage, and Late-bottled Vintage. We know it’s hard to choose between them, so here are our top port wine picks. Now it’s time to order some online and try it yourself!

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